Party Buses New Orleans Pricing

The people of New Orleans party hard but they also work hard. With the over 340,000 people working their tails off, it's no wonder that the city is as fun as it is! We always keep the hard working people of New Orleans in mind when we give our 100% risk free pricing. It's not easy to save up the money that it takes to order a party bus. New Orleans is full of hard workers and we keep that in mind. So before you think that you can't afford it, give us a call. We think you'd be surprised.

When you call us for a quote, we only require that you give us a minimal amount of information in order for the quote we give you to be accurate it. Usually the conversation starts with you telling us the date and time that you need a party bus to pick you up. After that we find out just where exactly you're being picked up and dropped off. Finally, you describe the type of event and the number of people that will need the party bus. New Orleans is full of companies that talk, but we're a company that does. Once we have that information we will be able to give you a risk free quote and allow you to shop around.

One thing to note, however, is that the quote you get from Party Buses New Orleans is the price you will pay out the door. No questions asked. Some of the quotes you get from the other guys will include things like fuel surcharges, mileage, and mandatory "gratuity." We put gratuity in quotations because if it's mandatory it's not gratuity; it's a fee. So when you call around to the other guys to get quotes, please ensure that the qoute you are getting has no other fees tacked onto it at the point of service and that the party bus is of equal quality. We're so sure that we're the best that we encourage you to shop around.

For Accurate Pricing: